Teachings of Jesus

Key Teachings Of Jesus

By Ron Sider The Gospel of Matthew is rich with teaching statements by Jesus that give us insights into how he would like his followers to live. Jesus did not set about...
Who is Jesus

Who Is Jesus?

  By: Greg Gilbert A HISTORICAL PERSON Maybe you have never really thought about who Jesus is, or whether his claims have any implications for your life. The basic facts of his...
The Name of the Lord's Church

The Name Of The Lord’s Church

By Alfred Shannon, Jr. There are many denominational churches which do not bear the name of Christ; To them there is nothing in a name. They falsely call themselves a...

Identifying the Lord’s Church

  By Mike Willis How does one find the Lord’s church in today’s world? In order to find the Lord’s church, one must know what that church is like. In this article,...
Origin of the Lord's Church

The Origin of the Lord’s Church

INTRODUCTION: Hundreds of churches in this world.  Are they all from God?  Are any from God? If not, where did they come from? Which is the right one?  -  Bible...
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Serve One Another in Love

Serve One Another in Love

By Maria Fontaine “Through love serve one another”(Galatians 5:13). That phrase from the Bible is food for thought, especially when you consider that the Greek word...

“One baptism”? The meaning of Ephesians 4:5

Courtesy: zondervan Ephesians 4:5 refers to the practice of water baptism and not solely to the experience of baptism in the Spirit. Water baptism was...
We Need Each Other

We Need Each Other

By: Gene Mathis We are saved one by one—individually, but we are added to the body of Christ. We need each other in our fight against spiritual...